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 So I am here. I am not sure what I am going to do, but I am here. Just in case. Cause, you know, it looks like it might all go to shit over the wall.
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Well not quite.

I was a bit worried over the kerfuffle (read insane flaming wars) over the past few days about LJ update 88. I am not seeing much changes apart from the subject lines thing in comments.  That said, if everyone is migrating then I am off too. You can't very well have icontests on your own. That's just sad.

But I made an account over at Dreamwidth and if you're there too then add me. I am sayuri_x over there too! Maybe I should have taken the oppurtunity to re-create myself and come up with a new username but I have been using Sayuri_x for 10+ years now. It's kind of who I am when I am online!
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This is probably my last batch of icons until the New Year. These are from the movie Priest for [ profile] adapted20in20.  It was really difficult to fit the themes into the movie. I kind of like the subtle colouring in these. Not my normal. As always let me know what you think.

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It's 6.30pm in the evening and Le sigh am just getting up after last night's nightshift. That is seriously fucked up! 

Shit, how am I going to sleep tonight?? 

In other news, the weather has finally broke here in frosty edinburgh and it is COLD! But not snowy, not yet. We seem to be the only place in Scotland not getting snow. I'm kinda pissed about that.

Appreances from me from now on will be few and far between, until after New Year. I'm heading into the busiest two weeks. I hate Christmas shoppers! I will however, be trying to keep my deadlines for icon challenges, but I am taking little mini-hiatuses from my landcomms. (If they haven't already noticed.) 

i get home and I run through my flist but then find I do not have the energy to post replies etc. So please, dear friends, I am not ignoring you, I'm just probably asleep!

Also, finished my Priest!battle with [ profile] vampire_sessah finally. I was so holdiing her up! (Soz!)  can't wait to see the results! YAY!

I also, kinda want to participate over here but I am afriad. What if I do and nobody comments? I think I would die of embarrassment! LOL Dramatic much??

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posted something just because you want to show off a new icon you found. 

I found all these brilliant Top Gear icons over at [ profile] lemonpunch @  [ profile] iconpunch and I had to snurch them. If you don't watch Top Gear (These come from the African Cheap Car Challange/ Polar Special/ Random episode) then they won't mean anything to you. But if you do watch it, aren't these just class??


I think I have to go on the rummage for more Top Gear icons.
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So I have been frantically trying to get these done in between my icon battle with [ profile] vampire_sessah and capping Season 1 of Farscape and work being gonzo. Not leaving myself a lot of time and I am so knackered I just can't even comment. I know I am being a bad LJ friend and once Christmas is over I shall be back to my normal gregarious self!

So, Round 12 at [ profile] farscape_20in20 was a character round and I chose Jool. Just to push myself out of my normal boundries. I have never iconned Jool so I am not so familiar with her caps and so on. That said, I REALLY enjoyed making these and once I started in earnest they came really easily. For some reason, for me, she just warrants a lovely center crop so there isn't much in the way of expirements with regard to composition but the colouring of her caps was so. much. fun!
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If , like me, you are a texture junkie, the you need to make your way over to :


 did a post sharing my fav 'older' textures. Maybe you'll discover someone new to you. Think of all those yummy textures just waiting to be discovered!
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I'm a little in shock right now. I just found out that Anne McCaffrey died yesterday.

So much of my childhood is wrapped around hours of reading her wonderful worlds.

One of my new fav authors Nalini Singh said it best in her blog post.

I saw this tweet quoted in the Los Angeles Times and thought it was a beautiful way to farewell a great storyteller: "Do you hear? The dragons mourn. The First Queen has passed Between. #AnneMcCaffrey" (@Lynoth).

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My sister can harsh a buzz like nobody on this planet. Right now she is a total 'See you next tuesday!'  
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Come join Round 6 of
[ profile] fringe_lims

I haven't made many Fringe icons but I feel the need. I am loving the forth series so much. Even if Walter isn't as gonzo as I like him.
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I'm verra annoyed.

I spent the whole of last week downloading 200gig of Farscape bluray .mkv files so I could cap them for [ profile] farscape_20in20 (Hmm hi res screencaps!). Never mind that it has used all my credit, but the 720p that I downloaded was only giving me a res of 960x720. (This is partly because it was filmed in PAL and to do all the thingimajigs they'd have to to upgrade it would cost too much money.) SO It wasn't THAT much better than what is out there.

And now, I go to my site where I get all my TV and I see that there has been a 1080p version uploaded. ARGHHHH!!! I am going to have to seed these for the next 18 million years to keep my credits. 

I am only going to download 1 episode just now and see what the size/quality of the caps is like.... Stoopid.

On the plus side, I have a Priest!battle lined up with the wondeful [ profile] vampire_sessah and I am slightly nervous as I love her icons and she's waaaaay out of my league. But it's Priest and the caps are so beautiful and I want to make Priest Icons. I'm so excited!
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I think I am going to like this movie. I really enjoyed the first 5 or 6 Stephanie Plum books (Until the Ranger/Morelli/Stepahine love triangle sucked the will to live from me. I mean it's in book seven-freakin-teen now and there is still no resolution to this storyline.) I looks like it's kept the humour and sparkle the first book had and even Katherine Heigl doesn't seem too bad. And I have come around to Jason O'Mara, mainly because I love him in Terra Nova.

So the age old question is..I can't remeber much detail in the books, should I go back and re-read them before the film or should I wait until after. I think I will enjoy this movie more if I wait until after, but if I am hazy on the details then I will spend the whole time while watching the movie thinking 'did that happen in the books,' or 'have they changed that??'

Whadaya think??

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SO I am taking a chance and signing up to do [ profile] lims_movie this session! Come join us. It will be FUN! It's Lord of The Rings this session! 

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For [ profile] vampire_sessah

1920x800 res
Priest Part 1   (214 MB)
Priest Part 2   (253 MB)
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YAY! I have blasted through my block and finished another claim!  These are for [ profile] adapted20in20. Thanks to the lovely [ profile] ravenlullaby who extend this round or I would not have gotten these in. I had started this claim earlier this month had slammed into the block that has been bothering me for ages. Then last night I sat down to power through and get this claimed finished and something wonderful happened. I made like 20 icons, in the space of 5 hours. I haven't done that in 2 months. I felt great!  I have pretty much redone this whole claim and I am much happier with these. Constntine is, again, a really dark film , stylistically wise, I do not know why I keep choosing films/progs that are so dark (I have a Keanu fixation which explains this choise) cause they are such a bitch to lighten and colour. Still. I do love a lot of these!Read more... )
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I am bored with this layout. i am actuqlly starting to hate it.

Any good recs for layouts that are nice and simple but easily customised cause my coding skills ain't hot!

EDIT: I think I have now found one I am going to stick with for a while. Thanks to all for the recs!
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Stick a fork in me I am DONE. OMG! These are for [ profile] atlantis20in20My block is still there but I find if I just sit and persevere then I can bulldoze through it. Again, some here I like, some not so much but I am making really close to the wire for deadline. I feel so bad, I am always Lucy Last over there. 


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