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 So I am here. I am not sure what I am going to do, but I am here. Just in case. Cause, you know, it looks like it might all go to shit over the wall.
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Well not quite.

I was a bit worried over the kerfuffle (read insane flaming wars) over the past few days about LJ update 88. I am not seeing much changes apart from the subject lines thing in comments.  That said, if everyone is migrating then I am off too. You can't very well have icontests on your own. That's just sad.

But I made an account over at Dreamwidth and if you're there too then add me. I am sayuri_x over there too! Maybe I should have taken the oppurtunity to re-create myself and come up with a new username but I have been using Sayuri_x for 10+ years now. It's kind of who I am when I am online!


Aug. 19th, 2011 10:11 am
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I'm on a mission to see this film. Which I am convinced is going to be all kinds of awesome.

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You know when you are to addicted to a site when you spend your whole day off feverishly clicking reload and becoming more and more frustrated when it brings up the same 'no response' screen! 

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 Quick update. I am soooo tired. Off to bed.
  • started watching Sanctuary and guess what? I LOVE IT! Look out for some Sanctuary icons soon in the future. The guy who played Todd the Wraith in SGA is in Sanctuary and I now have a full blown fangirl crush on's his voice, it does things to me.
  • finished the latest Lara Adrian and was a bit disappointed. I was expecting a lot more from Hunter's book. Still Harvard's book is next. Woot.
  • purchased A Dance WIth Dragons today on ebook. Still have to read books 3 & 4 first!
  • work is a nightmare at the moment. There is a full-blown 'He said, she said' situation going on that is just soo teen schoolgirl strop I want to tear my hair out! Srsly these are people in their late thirties-early forties people!!
  • I am looking for new TV to watch. I need more....pimp away to me people! P-I-M-P!
  • also, doing my own pimp for Dropbox. Srsly great cloud storage. If you sync backup files from your phone, ipad or home comp this is a great service. Click on the link and I get more storage too! LOL Help a bitch out. 

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 It's 4.30 am and I'm still up. I can't sleep, my back and stomach are killing me. I am so tired though. I can't read anymore. Time to turn on the TV and watch something. I don't know what.

While I decide give this a listen. Still the best dance track on the planet.  

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 I've lost my iconmaking mojo. ARGHH!!!

Hopefully when I go off on holiday (in two days) it will return....


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