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First day of my holidays and in an attempt to stave off the boredom, I volunteered to code the voting for [ profile] scifi20in20. I spent the whole freakin day on front of the computer. What freaking possessed me? I also had a minor meltdown over at [ profile] throneland. Very embarrassing.

I have also signed up to run a challenge over at [ profile] farscape_land. I have about 6 different 20in20's to finish, and I also promised my bessie mate a visit this week and a visit to my olds. I need to make an appointment at the hairdressers to get my hair cut. 

I also wanted to catch up on some reading, (I am re-reading Marjorie M Lui's Dirk & Steele series) and catch up on some films. 

I just watched PRIEST and loved it. I forgot how much I adored Paul Bettany. I'm going to finally sit down and watch Inception and Your Highness and I got a hold of a pretty shitty copy of Ten Inch Hero. Any other film recs?

I think I am going to need more than a week off. Why did I think I would be bored?


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