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This is probably my last batch of icons until the New Year. These are from the movie Priest for [ profile] adapted20in20.  It was really difficult to fit the themes into the movie. I kind of like the subtle colouring in these. Not my normal. As always let me know what you think.

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posted something just because you want to show off a new icon you found. 

I found all these brilliant Top Gear icons over at [ profile] lemonpunch @  [ profile] iconpunch and I had to snurch them. If you don't watch Top Gear (These come from the African Cheap Car Challange/ Polar Special/ Random episode) then they won't mean anything to you. But if you do watch it, aren't these just class??


I think I have to go on the rummage for more Top Gear icons.
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So I have been frantically trying to get these done in between my icon battle with [ profile] vampire_sessah and capping Season 1 of Farscape and work being gonzo. Not leaving myself a lot of time and I am so knackered I just can't even comment. I know I am being a bad LJ friend and once Christmas is over I shall be back to my normal gregarious self!

So, Round 12 at [ profile] farscape_20in20 was a character round and I chose Jool. Just to push myself out of my normal boundries. I have never iconned Jool so I am not so familiar with her caps and so on. That said, I REALLY enjoyed making these and once I started in earnest they came really easily. For some reason, for me, she just warrants a lovely center crop so there isn't much in the way of expirements with regard to composition but the colouring of her caps was so. much. fun!
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YAY! I have blasted through my block and finished another claim!  These are for [ profile] adapted20in20. Thanks to the lovely [ profile] ravenlullaby who extend this round or I would not have gotten these in. I had started this claim earlier this month had slammed into the block that has been bothering me for ages. Then last night I sat down to power through and get this claimed finished and something wonderful happened. I made like 20 icons, in the space of 5 hours. I haven't done that in 2 months. I felt great!  I have pretty much redone this whole claim and I am much happier with these. Constntine is, again, a really dark film , stylistically wise, I do not know why I keep choosing films/progs that are so dark (I have a Keanu fixation which explains this choise) cause they are such a bitch to lighten and colour. Still. I do love a lot of these!Read more... )
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Stick a fork in me I am DONE. OMG! These are for [ profile] atlantis20in20My block is still there but I find if I just sit and persevere then I can bulldoze through it. Again, some here I like, some not so much but I am making really close to the wire for deadline. I feel so bad, I am always Lucy Last over there. 
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I finally finished a claim! w00t! This was so difficult. I am still not 100% happy with all of these but I feel I am digging my way out of the uninspired pit I fell into. I started with a claim of the character Zhann but had to change to a general Season 1 claim. (thanks to the lovely members of [ profile] farscape_20in20 who let me change!)

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Heh. I had to do this just so I could show off some of the most heinous crimes to iconing that has ever existed. Ever.

A little background. I started making icons back in 2004/2005. I came at them by way of a norwegian pop group called a-ha (of which I am an amazing geeky fan! I used to be much more into the fandom but am now just a 'normal' fan...) anyway I had a friend in the fandom of a-ha who would make the most amazing wallpapers of the group and I thought, 'I am getting me a piece of this!' She was kind enough to give me some pointers and sent me over to LJ. The whole reason I joined LJ was for the icon making. I fell in love with it! Dumb, huh? Anyways, I puttered about for about a year, thinking I was the dogs bollocks churning out bad icon, after bad icon! LOL Then for a myriad of boring reasons I ended up having a 5 year hiatus from LJ and the internets in general.

I got a new comp recently and was transferring all my data over from various recepticles when I came across all my old icons. It made me nostalgic. All my stuff was still here so I signed back in and I have been in icon heaven for the last 4 months?? Maybe a little longer. I discovered 20in20's and I haven't looked back.

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I have tried to post this about 80 freakin times. This is my claim for [ profile] atlantis20in20 . 20 icons of lurvlerly Ronon Dex!!

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So I am totally drunk posting. Was at the closing ceremony for th Edinburgh Festival and had a little tipple. These are for [ profile] adapted20in20. As always leave your comments and let me know what you think.

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So this is my entry into Round 9 of [ profile] farscape_20in20
I love doing Farscape icons. Srsly. There is a huge amount of texture use in these. Much more than I usually do but I have to admit that I pretty much am in love with most of these. Usually I have one or eight I am not entirely happy with but not so here. Does that sound horribly big-headed? I hope not, I just love them. And Farscape. LOL
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i have the icon randomizer now, which i have just used

1. Reply to this post with "UNICORNS", and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

icons chosen by [ profile] ghanimasun

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So I got these in under the wire. I am in a fugue state when it comes to icons at the moment. I am trying to power through but I think I am making too many and all juices aren't being replenished. LOL  So I am going to scale back on the 20in20's. Still here are some Haven icons for [ profile] scifichar20in20. Usual story, love some, not so much others and as always let me know what you think.

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Here is my entry into adapted20in20. Anne Of Green Gables. One of my all-time favourite shows.  I think some of these might be a tad too saturated ut I liked the effect. As always comments/con crit are welcome. Let me know what you think.

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I forgot I had this claim to do. So these are very rushed. Did them in 3 hours....I love some, hate others but there you go. I don't have an extra week to ruminate and discard! LOL. My own fault. As always, give me your thoughts. Read more... )
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Arghh, doing these was like pulling teeth, I'm still not happy with some but hey, I'm done, stick a fork in me. I chose Sansa, even though she is probably my least fav character, simply to jump out of my comfort zone and to see if I could come up with icons without loving the subject. It was a slog but I think I got there in the end, Next time though, I'm picking a favourite character!
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 [ profile] canceled20in20  - Prison Break

I watched the first 3 series of Prison Break to remind myself for these. I forgot how much I loved that programme. That said, the 4th series sucked big monkey balls. Anyhoo, here are my icons. Micheal Scofield is a fox. Whatever happened to Wentworth Miller? Such pretty should not be hidden away. Read more... )
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So this is my entry into [ profile] film20in20 . My film (if you haven't guessed ) was Braveheart.
As always, let me know what you think...

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 So this is my entry into [ profile] tvcharacter20  . Which is a 20in20 icontest for, yep, specific TV characters, I chose Michael Westen because, let's face it, the world needs more Michael Westen. Pretty.


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