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I think I am going to like this movie. I really enjoyed the first 5 or 6 Stephanie Plum books (Until the Ranger/Morelli/Stepahine love triangle sucked the will to live from me. I mean it's in book seven-freakin-teen now and there is still no resolution to this storyline.) I looks like it's kept the humour and sparkle the first book had and even Katherine Heigl doesn't seem too bad. And I have come around to Jason O'Mara, mainly because I love him in Terra Nova.

So the age old question is..I can't remeber much detail in the books, should I go back and re-read them before the film or should I wait until after. I think I will enjoy this movie more if I wait until after, but if I am hazy on the details then I will spend the whole time while watching the movie thinking 'did that happen in the books,' or 'have they changed that??'

Whadaya think??

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So this year I thought I would try to keep a list of all the books I have read. As I seem to have plenty of spare time at the moment. So my journal is now going to be a book journal.

So far this year, (Yep that's right, since 01 Jan 2008)

Dead Beat - Jim Butcher
Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher
Black Magic Woman - Justin Gustainis
Devil You Know - Mike Carey

I have kind of fallen in love with this new genre, 'urban fantasy' and while the majority of it seems to be really badly written soft porn, there are some real gems in there. I tend to go more for the crime novel with a slight fantasy slant.

So you have Jim Butchers Dresden Files about Chicago Wizard/Private detective Harry Dresden, which are fantastic. They move at a breakneck speed, always witty, never boring with twists and turns in every book. Well drawn, believable characters that actually develop as the series goes on. I just do not have enough nice things to say about this set of books. And the audiobooks are read by James Marsters. An aural treat if ever there was one.

And my other new favourite is Mike Carey's Felix Castor novels. I am currently reading book two at the moment and it certainly is living up to the impression the first left me. Felix Castor is an exorcist in a world where ghosts and the Supernatural are commonplace.

Still on my to read pile

Vicious Circle - Mike Carey (reading at the moment.)
Dead Man's Boots - Mike Carey
White Night - Jim Butcher
Furies Of Calderon - Jim Butcher
Killing Floor - Lee Child
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (I KNOW - I HAVEN'T FINISHED IT YET!)
Out - Natsuo Kirino

I have also got around 12 books winging their way to me from Amazon as we speak, but they aren't going on the list until I have them here in my sticky little fingers


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