Nov. 21st, 2011

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I'm verra annoyed.

I spent the whole of last week downloading 200gig of Farscape bluray .mkv files so I could cap them for [ profile] farscape_20in20 (Hmm hi res screencaps!). Never mind that it has used all my credit, but the 720p that I downloaded was only giving me a res of 960x720. (This is partly because it was filmed in PAL and to do all the thingimajigs they'd have to to upgrade it would cost too much money.) SO It wasn't THAT much better than what is out there.

And now, I go to my site where I get all my TV and I see that there has been a 1080p version uploaded. ARGHHHH!!! I am going to have to seed these for the next 18 million years to keep my credits. 

I am only going to download 1 episode just now and see what the size/quality of the caps is like.... Stoopid.

On the plus side, I have a Priest!battle lined up with the wondeful [ profile] vampire_sessah and I am slightly nervous as I love her icons and she's waaaaay out of my league. But it's Priest and the caps are so beautiful and I want to make Priest Icons. I'm so excited!
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Come join Round 6 of
[ profile] fringe_lims

I haven't made many Fringe icons but I feel the need. I am loving the forth series so much. Even if Walter isn't as gonzo as I like him.
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My sister can harsh a buzz like nobody on this planet. Right now she is a total 'See you next tuesday!'  


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