Nov. 19th, 2011

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SO I am taking a chance and signing up to do [ profile] lims_movie this session! Come join us. It will be FUN! It's Lord of The Rings this session! 

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I think I am going to like this movie. I really enjoyed the first 5 or 6 Stephanie Plum books (Until the Ranger/Morelli/Stepahine love triangle sucked the will to live from me. I mean it's in book seven-freakin-teen now and there is still no resolution to this storyline.) I looks like it's kept the humour and sparkle the first book had and even Katherine Heigl doesn't seem too bad. And I have come around to Jason O'Mara, mainly because I love him in Terra Nova.

So the age old question is..I can't remeber much detail in the books, should I go back and re-read them before the film or should I wait until after. I think I will enjoy this movie more if I wait until after, but if I am hazy on the details then I will spend the whole time while watching the movie thinking 'did that happen in the books,' or 'have they changed that??'

Whadaya think??


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